You'd love to work from home, but can't imagine taking client phone calls with a crying baby and a barking dog in the background. And how many calls would you miss when you leave the house to run your myriad errands throughout the day? The good news is that there are many work from home opportunities that do not require turning your home into a call center. Read more

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Large companies can make small mistakes when it comes to advertising, without damaging their bottom line. Not so for the small business owner. Jamie Herzlich's article on shares some advertising industry secrets to effectively maximize your small business advertising dollar. Read more

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Evidence is mounting that the U.S. economy is in the most difficult type of slowdown for a business to weather. Companies are likely to face inflation–caused by the weakness of the dollar and rising commodity prices–in addition to slowing sales.
In the article, "Guiding Your Business Through the Recession", Ridgely Evers of NetBooks ( offers six tactics to put your firm in the position to navigate hard circumstances and emerge stronger.
1. Focus on your existing customers. Remember, they are under the same pressures you are. Make sure that you are the company they choose to work with when times are difficult.
2. Make sure you keep your best employees.
They will be pressured by inflation and may be tempted to switch to higher-paying positions, if they are available.
3. Invest in systems and technology. While this may seem like a strange time to be making investments, there are two good reasons to do it now. First, in this less-hectic time for your business, you and your staff may be more available to assess options and make changes. Second, improved systems will enable you to provide better service to your clients while at the same time enhancing your employees’ productivity.

Read more

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Creating your company's brand is one of the most important things that you'll do as a small business owner. Most people understand the importance of clearly representing their products or services in order to build a relationship with potential customers.

However, having a strong brand is also crucial in raising capital. Banks and investors are looking to fund companies that are professional and are therefore more likely to generate revenue and prove stable and secure over time.

In addition, a strong brand can help you to attract good employees and to negotiate better terms with vendors. People want to work for and do business with a company that appears professional and established.

"PartnerUp" ( offers the following nine tips for creating a successful brand.

1. Find the right name for your company. A short one which accurately conveys what you do is best. Try to find a name that allows you to obtain its .com domain name. Also, make sure that the name you want to use isn't already trademarked or in use by another person or company. Read more

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With the abundance of information available online, how do you choose what is constructive for your business? There are many people selling to entrepreneurs, so how do you evaluate the marketing product or service before you spend your time and money?

First, look for proof. Is the site offering overnight wealth, or does it give you step-by-step instructions on using their method or product to increase your profits over time? Making money online is a process, and you are looking to further your education.

Also note who endorses this book or course. It should be a reputable expert in the industry whose integrity can be verified, rather than someone who puts his name on everything. Check to see if the book or course has case studies or testimonials by users to back up its claims. Are there links to real businesses whose owners will share their experiences with the product? Read more

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Affiliate Classroom is a wonderful, comprehensive course that will take you from the beginning to proficiency in affiliate marketing.

Click Here for Free Course

Affiliate marketing is a proven profitable business model. Whether you operate as an affiliate marketer independently or have incorporated affiliate marketing as part of a larger business model, promoting and profiting from products you believe in is a spectacular business.

In fact affiliate marketing has become such a powerful and profitable business that the competition has become quite intense. That isn’t to say that there is no money to be made in affiliate marketing anymore, it just means that if you want to do it right, if you want to make money with affiliates or affiliate marketing then there are some trade secrets and a bit of education to obtain. Read more

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From Jack Humphrey: Friday Traffic Report April 25 2008

A lot of people have asked me how I do “all this.” I sure couldn’t pull off two large membership sites, this blog, consulting, training, and marketing without a solid team.

The “4 Hour Work Week” might be a pipe dream for you at this moment, but how is that 60+ hour work week working for you right now?

Do you want to know the secret to getting the job of 15 people done? Have a team of 15 people. (Were you expecting magic?)

The biggest issue readers talk about to me is time. Social marketing eats up hours like a swarm of locusts in a corn field. All the other things you have to do to market and service your customers also blaze through your precious minutes each day until you are left wondering how guys like me do all this stuff.

In short, I don’t do all this stuff myself. I have a team. A damn good one. Read more

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There’s no doubt about it; in the last ten years, technology has improved so much, that it has certainly changed the way we live our lives and receive our information. It has also changed the way we conduct business.

People are no longer bound to a corporation for employment. More and more people are starting their own businesses from home. They can communicate with clients in a blink of an eye, send documents and reports around the world in an instant and even compete with large corporations for clients.

Even though a person is able to do all of those things from home, they are still only one person and will need some support in order to manage a growing business. Hiring a virtual assistant is the obvious solution, but the process can be intimidating – especially for those who are new to the work at home arena. Read more

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