The effectiveness of your internet marketing effort can make or break your small business. That's why many small businesses and home based business owners are seeking to outsource this task to reliable internet marketing professionals.

While there are many reputable individuals and agencies offering internet marketing services, there are unfortunately myriad expensive, elusive, and unethical agencies yielding disappointing and sometimes damaging results. Responding to the demand for results-oriented marketing professionals, the VAClassroom was developed.

A Niche Internet Marketing assistant is a virtual assistant certified in the complex workings of internet marketing. Skills that a trained VA possesses begin with an excellent command of the English language, proficiency in the use of the internet, and a love for social networking.

A certified internet marketing VA can immediately raise a small business client's visibility in the marketplace by taking charge of a client's list and brand management, blog writing and online promotion, community management, social networking development, resource development, and a host of other essential marketing services.

VAClassroom, the premier online course to train VAs in the latest proven, ethical marketing strategies, provides many ways your VA can help your business grow, to take your small business to a higher level.

VAClassroom Internet Marketing Certification Program

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Having a Virtual Assistant may be new to you, as compared to having your assistant in your office for face-to-face discussions about projects. How can you make your new working relationship effective?

In her recent blog post, Sue Canfield offers three tips:
1. Take advantage of today’s technology by utilizing what works best for you. Do you prefer email, telephone conversations, or another tool as your primary communication method? Consider trying something innovative, such as Skype or eFax. Once you determine your preference, your VA will be able to respond in the fashion that is most effective for you.
2. Decide how often you wish to communicate with your VA. If your project has deadlines, you may require frequent progress reports, especially if your working relationship is new. However, if your schedule is demanding, you may prefer to designate a specific date and time (such as Monday at 8:00 am). Remember that your VA’s role is to offload tasks so that you can utilize your time efficiently.
3. Be clear as to your expectations. You and your VA can team successfully if you both have the same goal.

Applying these ideas should make your relationship with your virtual assistant mutually profitable.

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Hello out there – Thanks for stopping by…

Here's a question I came across today, When Did Hiring Independent Contractors Become Illegal? Anita Campbell of Small Business Trends discusses the current Congressional hearings (April 2008) that appear to criminalize small business owners for using Independent Contractors (1099) rather than employees, making the assumption that the only reason for this relationship is to avoid or reduce tax responsibilities, thus operating in a "shadowy" Underground economy.

Anita reports: According to the statement by Senator John Kerry, Chair of the Senate Committee on Small Business, the definition of underground economy that the Committee is looking at includes small businesses that may misclassify independent contractors instead of employees. Senator Kerry’s statement notes: “Too many workers are being misclassified as independent contractors — an arrangement in which the employer is not responsible for withholding of income or paying employment taxes. Employers who erroneously misclassify their workers stand to save as much as 30 percent of their payroll costs. This puts law abiding employers at a disadvantage.”

I don’t know about you, but I’m troubled by this expansion of the definition of underground economy to include misclassification of independent contractors/employees.

What do you think?


Join the conversation at Connect2Pro —

Connect2Pro is here to help connect busy entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants with top virtual professionals for assistance in their online business marketing.

We offer smart, capable professional expertise in the following areas -
marketing your small business – delegating and outsourcing – working with a virtual assistant – using virtual toolbox resources – attracting clients – launching and scaling an online business – growing your revenue with less work! - and more…

Ask me about – blog post writing and development, article marketing, website design & maintenance, shopping cart integration, ezine/newsletter support, and general administrative support — whatever it is you need to grow your online business!
Stick around, and please take a moment to put your first name and email in the box at the right – We'll send you a special report, "Intelligent Outsourcing" to get started in your business with the virtual assistance you need to keep going and growing.

Wishing you the best!

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What does it take to build a comprehensive website for your internet-based business? What features should a host provide in order to make your site successful?

The key is to find a host that works with you instead of against you.

Read more

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Knowing the profit potential of your product or service, you have established your ecommerce business. Now, what do you need to get paid by a client?

Did you know you can ask your virtual assistant to set up a shopping cart for you, and integrate it with your website?

Here are some must-haves: a means for customers to purchase or to collect orders–a shopping cart; a way to process the orders and to collect the money–a merchant account; and a system to generate more orders using marketing tools. Read more

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How can a small business owner even think of hiring a virtual assistant when barely making ends meet as it is?

As unthinkable as it may seem, outsourcing cumbersome tasks to a virtual staffing agency may be actually be the perfect way to free up your time to focus on the creative endeavors necessary to grow a more profitable business. Read more

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As a small business owner, you know the value of promoting your services or products in a cost-effective way. One inexpensive choice to attract new clients is utilizing the internet's vast reach through ezines, also known as electronic newsletters. Read more

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Many of us are not only solopreneurs with growing or newly established home-based businesses, but also parents, spouses, PTA presidents, and Little League coaches as well. It's easy to become overwhelmed when you're devoting so much time and energy to your business, and as a result, to become "stuck" and unable to make those decisions effectively which are crucial to your business's growth. Read more

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