Don't you think it's time to stop being enslaved by your business…You could use a break!

When you first decided to open your own business, you probably did it to achieve things like:

*Be your own boss
*Financial freedom
*Having more free time for yourself
*More quality time with your family
*Focus on your health & well-being and getting out of that stressful 9-5 rat race.

But soon it became apparent that this online business thing required a lot of work, and often MORE work than ANY 9-5 job.

"I had this same revelation and it was painful," says a wellknown marketer. " I overworked myself, the house was a mess, my marriage was a mess, I gained weight and I was drowning in my own business and still not making the money I wanted to.

"Then Something Changed…

"As soon as I learned to get the help I need in my business, things began to change. My business began to really thrive, my family and my health was no longer being left in the dust. The best part, I was the one in control of my business, instead of it holding my reins!"

Let Me Help You Do The Same…And Make it as Simple as Possible for You -
OUTVEO – Outsourcing Management Made Easy

Whenever I talk to other online business owners about getting the help they need and outsourcing (i.e. hiring contractors to help with various tasks in their business), they often say things like:

"I can't afford it."

"I can't find reliable people."

"I'm the only one who can do the job properly."

"I don't have time to train people."

Check out how easy and simple it can be to work with a great team, for a very reasonable price, and really get your business up to speed, without running over yourself. You can get started today.

OUTVEO -it's the best way to go… and you won't believe the reasonable price – and NO monthly fees for the software. Better than BaseCamp!

Check it out – Order Now



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From Jack Humphrey: Friday Traffic Report April 25 2008

A lot of people have asked me how I do “all this.” I sure couldn’t pull off two large membership sites, this blog, consulting, training, and marketing without a solid team.

The “4 Hour Work Week” might be a pipe dream for you at this moment, but how is that 60+ hour work week working for you right now?

Do you want to know the secret to getting the job of 15 people done? Have a team of 15 people. (Were you expecting magic?)

The biggest issue readers talk about to me is time. Social marketing eats up hours like a swarm of locusts in a corn field. All the other things you have to do to market and service your customers also blaze through your precious minutes each day until you are left wondering how guys like me do all this stuff.

In short, I don’t do all this stuff myself. I have a team. A damn good one. Read more

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You've worked an 80-hour week, and you never want to look at that project, or those projects, again. But was it worth it? Was the successful completion of those projects just drudgery, or did it contribute significantly to the short or long-term goals you've set for your ? Read more

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You may have considered outsourcing some of those tasks or projects eating away at your time and energy, but worries about low quality work or unreliable contractors have made you reluctant to take the plunge.

Howard Tiano suggests several ways you can minimize your risk of a bad experience in his article, "Do You Compromise Quality With Outsourcing," and explains how outsourcing can be your best, most affordable option to achieving the highest quality work possible. Read more

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Have you ever…

* Hired somebody just to fill a spot and ended up with a string of bad hires?

* Brought somebody on just because they wanted the job and you didn’t have the time or the patience to go through the whole screening process?

* Been guilty of over-delegating – and then you wonder why no one seems to do anything right?

* Been guilty of under-delegating – and ended up doing the exact same tasks you hired somebody else to do for you?

* Hey, maybe this is you… you don’t have a team at all! You think you can’t afford one, or that you’re not big enough to warrant one, or you know you need one but you don’t know where to start! Read more

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Many owners are jumping on the bandwagon to take back their time and personal lives.

Calling in a professional – whether it's a or a company or individual specializing in a particular function such as accounting – can save a small business owner precious time, effort, and money if it's done correctly.

In order to make the right contracting decisions, Howard Tiano, managing editor of recommends that small business owners know the difference between outsourcing and outtasking. Read more

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Sylvie Fortin, CEO of, says that outsourcing is "killing your business."

Ms. Fortin explains that most internet entrepreneurs attempt to learn everything about internet marketing and run every aspect of their businesses themselves, because they can't afford to outsource their tasks. And when they do outsource, she continues, they are spending valuable time searching for freelancers for each job that needs doing, sorting through bids, and hoping that those freelancers do a good job.

Ms. Fortin maintains that there is a better way to outsource, and her proven system has a following of successful internet millionaires around the globe. Read more

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Running your small business is exciting and exhausting at the same time. While you're living your work-at-home dream, you may also be feeling overwhelmed and daunted by the round-the-clock demands of entrepreneurship.

Nothing stifles creativity and optimism more than the feeling that you'll never get it all done, and nothing thwarts a growing business like the absence of creativity.

Responding to e-mail, prospecting for clients, drafting sales letters, setting appointments – all while managing your personal life – can be more than the most motivated person can handle.

Hiring a virtual assistant can alleviate this burden, and can add a fresh perspective to your business. Read more

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