Virtual Teams: Time-Saving, Efficient and Cost-Effective Outsourcing Solution


Few small business owners alone possess all the skills necessary to create and manage a thriving business without some professional assistance. For the past decade, virtual assistants have been instrumental in assisting small business owners in areas such as internet marketing, website design and maintenance, publicity and advertising, list and database management, customer care, and a host of other key business functions.

However in reality, few virtual assistants possess the vast skill set necessary to provide the business owner with the highest possible quality work in all these key areas of business management. As a result, an employer may spend many tedious hours training a VA to get her up to speed in the areas in which she is deficient, only to receive mediocre results that may not help the business to grow, or worse, may actually result in a negative ROI.

This is why a Virtual Team is an intelligent outsourcing solution for the small business owner with diverse tasks to delegate, and a demand for consistent, measurable, excellent results every time, on every task.

A Virtual Team is led by a Team Leader, who is the contact person with the small business owner. That Team Leader will delegate the employer's individual tasks and projects to the most qualified VAs available, who are uniquely skilled in their particular areas of expertise.

For example, the Team Leader may utilize 5 different VAs to manage the needs of the business: one for website design and management, one to write press releases and web content, one for data entry and list management, and so on. The business owner need only communicate with the Team Leader, and she will manage the rest of the team to ensure impeccable, on time results.

If any VA on the team has not provided the highest quality work, the Team Leader will contract with a different VA for that project or task, until it is properly completed. Virtual Teams cut the time and energy associated with training and supervision immeasurably, enabling entrepreneurs to use their time to focus on what they do best – envisioning growth strategies and being creative. For more information on Virtual Teams, contact Linda at connect @ today — and please go visit the most exciting new membership site for webpreneurs and virtual assistants –

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