Should Your VA Be Certified?

When someone decides to hire a virtual assistant to help them with their business, it is natural to want to hire the most qualified person for the job. Some VAs have chosen to become certified. Is this something you should look for when hiring a VA?

There are many online schools and associations that offer VA certification. Since there is no law that governs what this distinction means, each program or association can decide what is required for their specific certification.

In most cases, this will mean that the VA has passed some exams in things like word processing, web design, internet research, and so forth. It is important to remember that there are no standardized tests and that receives certification from one organization may not be eligible for certification from another organization.

Rather than looking at a certification that may not mean much at all, it is important to look at the VA’s all around background, skill set, and past experience.

This is especially true if you are looking to hire a VA who specializes in a specific task, such as marketing or affiliate management. A basic VA certification may not have any bearing on these tasks, as these skill sets are not even tested through those exams.

Looking at the virtual assistant’s own website can give you great insights as to whether they are capable of handling the assignments you want taken care of. If their website contains misspelled words, grammar errors, or simply looks unprofessional, this is a sign that they will handle your assignments in the same way.

The manner in which the VA communicates with you will also provide clues to how your working relationship may become. If the VA is slow to respond to email inquiries and again, lacks spelling and grammar skills, this is a red flag that their work will not only be handed in late, it will also be sloppily put together.

On the other hand, someone with a crisp and professional-looking website that is free of errors, who responds quickly to emails and is enthusiastic sounding over the phone will most likely complete their assignments in the same way.

Once you know a VA has the skill set, experience, and background you are looking for, you can rest assured that they will be capable of completing your tasks. Any certifications they may have are icing on the cake.

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