Outsourcing Truly Changes The Game

From Jack Humphrey: Friday Traffic Report April 25 2008

A lot of people have asked me how I do “all this.” I sure couldn’t pull off two large membership sites, this blog, consulting, training, and marketing without a solid team.

The “4 Hour Work Week” might be a pipe dream for you at this moment, but how is that 60+ hour work week working for you right now?

Do you want to know the secret to getting the job of 15 people done? Have a team of 15 people. (Were you expecting magic?)

The biggest issue readers talk about to me is time. Social marketing eats up hours like a swarm of locusts in a corn field. All the other things you have to do to market and service your customers also blaze through your precious minutes each day until you are left wondering how guys like me do all this stuff.

In short, I don’t do all this stuff myself. I have a team. A damn good one.

If you aren’t outsourcing you are only going to get so far with internet marketing. Every major player online has help. Lots of it. There simply isn’t any other way to become a player on today’s web after a certain point.

Whether you set yourself up for a literal “4 Hour Work Week” or not, saving yourself the stress of being designer, copywriter, promoter, networker, accountant, fulfillment manager, and content producer for your online business is worth everything.

Jeff Mills has a killer course on outsourcing that is the most complete I’ve ever seen. Whether you grab it or not, you need to look at outsourcing and understand how you can ramp up to a full team of helpers from modest beginnings. I can’t tell you just how it has affected my life.

And don’t cop out with the “I can’t afford outsourcers” excuse. Want to know how many people could afford hiring help when they were just starting out? Exactly NONE of them. Yet they all found a way. I did and so have tens of thousands of others.

I still work hard, but on the things I am good at and on the the tasks I should be performing, that only I can perform, for my business.

Outsourcing changes the whole game. It’s the difference between a part-time hobby and a major, multi-million dollar potential business. Ask any of your favorite experts. Every single one uses outsourcing to pull off some very big business.

Check out the course – Outsourcing Secrets Revealed

Note from Linda: This course can be worthwhile if you are getting a big project organized and need direction as to how to juggle the various choices of outsourcing needed. If you just want to jump in and get started, save your money for some actual work, done for you by virtual assistants, rather than spending time on videos, audios and ebooks. One way around this is to work with a virtual staffing agency…and leave the driving to us.

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