Searching For a Virtual Assistant In The Global Marketplace

Should you pay more for a US-based VA? Actually, yes.

Competition in a global marketplace is with competent people who have in-demand skills, working in foreign countries for a fraction of the price we would expect to pay a US worker – even someone who works out of their home.

There is a great deal of talent out there…but if you want to support a home-friendly economy and a green business climate — pay a bit more, and get a highly-skilled VA who speaks your language.

Websites like and have become extremely popular resources for employers looking for freelance professionals to complete various projects, running the gamut from writing assignments to highly technical engineering projects. On these sites, employers will post open projects for which professionals worldwide are invited to compete by bidding on them for an hourly or flat fee.

As has become a hotbed political issue in recent years, we are all aware that there are many countries around the world in which highly skilled workers are able to work for far less money than their United States counterparts.

But there are many independent contractors here in the United States willing to offer their services for far less than the going market rate, making them not only competitive with professionals abroad, but also particularly attractive to a owner on a shoestring budget.

As blogger cautions, while you might secure the services of a virtual assistant for $7-$10 per hour domestically or abroad, a low price could be an indication that the services rendered might be less than professional.

She sites examples of contractor profiles which include spelling and grammatical errors, incorrect usage of words, and the use of slang. If your task list for a virtual assistant includes communication with clients, this could cause embarassment to you or worse, damage the image you have created for your business.

Choose carefully when hiring professionals to represent your business, and don't let price be the determining factor.

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(An extra $10-20/hr can make the difference for your online success. Think about the consequences of a "bad hire" – which you can have happen to you virtually as well – it can cost you more than that, it can cost you your business!)

If you would like to be introduced to a true virtual administrative professional, who can be relied upon to handle your individual problems as your project manager, you can send an email to for personal service.

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