Outsourcing Strategy: How To Minimize Your Risk of Poor Quality Work

You may have considered outsourcing some of those tasks or projects eating away at your time and energy, but worries about low quality work or unreliable contractors have made you reluctant to take the plunge.

Howard Tiano suggests several ways you can minimize your risk of a bad experience in his article, "Do You Compromise Quality With Outsourcing," and explains how outsourcing can be your best, most affordable option to achieving the highest quality work possible.

In brief, he suggests the following steps be taken when choosing a contractor:

1) Don't Let Price Be The Determining Factor – When searching domestically for a contractor, don't automatically select the lowest bidder.

2) Obtain And Verify Qualifications – Obtain from the individual her/his work history, qualifications, relevant experience. Review samples of the candidates work.

3) Get References – Obtain personal and professional references, and check them. This will give you insight into the candidates work ethic and style.

Mr. Tiano suggests treating the selection process as you would for a full-time employee. After all, the quality of work generated by this individual will be a reflection on your business. For more, visit [...] at outsourceouttakes.com

(If you would like more information about how to work with a virtual assistant, and in particular, how to use the services of a virtual staffing agency to minimize your risk in hiring a VA, send an email to connect@connect2pro.com with your questions and ideas.)

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