Get Un-Stuck – 3 Simple Reasons To Outsource Now

Running your small business is exciting and exhausting at the same time. While you're living your work-at-home dream, you may also be feeling overwhelmed and daunted by the round-the-clock demands of entrepreneurship.

Nothing stifles creativity and optimism more than the feeling that you'll never get it all done, and nothing thwarts a growing business like the absence of creativity.

Responding to e-mail, prospecting for clients, drafting sales letters, setting appointments – all while managing your personal life – can be more than the most motivated person can handle.

Hiring a virtual assistant can alleviate this burden, and can add a fresh perspective to your business.

In his article " When To Fix a Broken Process: Before Or After Outsourcing," on, Bart Perkins lists 3 reasons why you should outsource some of these tasks to another professional:

1) Expertise – VAs have excellent technical skills in business applications such as WORD and EXCEL, and often in database management applications such as ACT! What might take you several hours to accomplish, would likely take a VA a fraction of that time. VAs are trained to be diligent about ensuring that correspondence is grammatically accurate and professionally presented, so you can rest assured that your business will be represented in the best possible way.

2) Savings – The cost of hiring a VA will pay for itself in the value of your time saved and reinvested in growing your business.

3) Impartiality – A VA can provide a fresh perspective, and be a sounding board for your business. From her varied experience, she may be able to identify areas in which you can improve your operation, or provide creative solutions or marketing ideas that you may not have considered.

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